QRS Pelvi Centre


We at Axis Physiotherapy have equipped ourselves with the state of the art machine known as the "QRS PelviCenter" for transpelvic magnetic stimulation (TPM), which has risen in several years of intensive development performed by the quantum medicine institute " Prof. Dr. Fischer AG" on behalft of the Quanten-Medizin AG. It is a therapy system that improve the treatment of urinary and fecal incontinence- criticals.









The QRS-PelviCenter works with an advanced technology (patent pending) that we know already from the basic principle of the method of the magnetic resonance imaging ("nuclear spin") or the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in the effective treatment of depressions.

By using magnetic fields, the musculature of the pelvic floor is brought to a strong contraction (M. levator ani) which lies well over the possibilities of an active pelvic floor muscle training.

At the same time, specific nerve tracts, which adjust the bladder closure, are stimulated. In most cases result high Healing and improvement rates which are often achieved after only 4 to 6 weeks of treatment.

Benefits of QRS Pelvi Centre

    • Strengthens the hips, thighs, back muscles
    • Promotes fat burning
    • Reduction of cellulite appearance
    • Strengthens the "erection muscles"
    • Improves orgasm ability for both men and women
    • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
    • Improves urinary incontinence
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